Personal Storage Solutions

At Ease the Squeeze Storage you can easily and securely store just a few or the entire contents of your house! Our storage warehouses are the perfect solution for those looking to undertake some DIY, build an extension, travel abroad or simply looking to declutter.

  • Only you have the access to your storage unit.
  • You can store a little or a lot as you choose the number of Squeezy Pods you need.
  • Flexibility - no long-term commitment, plus you can increase the size of your storage at any time.
  • Free access during store opening hours.
  • Storage Discounts for Emergency Services, NHS employees and members of the Armed Forces.
  • Lowest priced storage - guaranteed*!

Those selling their property can de-clutter everything into one of our Squeezy Pods and sell more quickly. Home owners can safely keep their personal possessions and furniture with us whilst building that extension or fixing that hole in the roof. Whilst downsizers can safely store spare furniture and other family items with Ease the Squeeze Storage for any length of time.

You can even store your garden furniture, spare bikes, the BBQ, toys the kids no longer want or any paperwork that you need to hang on to. So what are you waiting for? Ease the Squeeze today and gain space!!!

How it works


It’s simple – choose your Ease the Squeeze Storage location, use the online booking form, and wait with your feet up while we come to collect your items. Then, we’ll lock them away safely in our storage facility and bring them back as needed.


Find your most convenient storage location

Book your nearest storage facility online

Arrange collection of your boxes from your home

Sit back, relax and enjoy the extra space in your home


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