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Storage in Portsmouth

Our large, purpose-built warehouse can be easily found in Portsmouth and is ideal for customers looking to rent flexible storage in the Solent area. Ease the Squeeze Storage in Portsmouth offers secure storage services to homeowners, businesses and students, in Hampshire, looking for cost-effective storage.

Home Storage Portsmouth

Are you looking for a little more space in your home? You can choose how many Squeezy Pods you require and with no long-term commitment, we are the ideal choice self storage solution in Portsmouth for as many or as few items as you need to store for any length of time.

Business Storage Portsmouth

Our secure self storage warehouses in Portsmouth is there to suit all your business needs. For businesses of all sizes who require extra storage for merchandise, seasonal items or excess equipment, our easy-access and affordable Squeezy Pods can help.

Why Choose Ease The Squeeze Storage in Portsmouth?

Apart from our excellent storage facilities we also offer excellent transportation services. Whether you need items collected from your home, office or university accommodation, we will be there to deliver them to our secure storage location. Our professional range of moving and packing supplies are also fit to protect as many or as few of your belongings as you need and can also be delivered directly to your door.

So gain some space in your life today.... relax and Ease the Squeeze!

How it works


It’s simple – choose your Ease the Squeeze Storage location, use the online booking form, and wait with your feet up while we come to collect your items. Then, we’ll lock them away safely in our storage facility and bring them back as needed.


Find your most convenient storage location

Book your nearest storage facility online

Arrange collection of your boxes from your home

Sit back, relax and enjoy the extra space in your home

The official experts on storage in Portsmouth

When it comes to storage, you’re not alone. Our team in Portsmouth is available to assist you, no matter what your storage needs may be. When we collect your items and bring them back to the warehouse, we’re saving you time and money. What’s not to love?

Where to find us...

Our address

Unit 8 Voyager Park
Portfield Road

Contact info:

0800 107 8422


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Ease the Squeeze Storage Portsmouth can be found on Portfield Road, Portsmouth. Our large storage warehouse is accessible for both small and large vehicles so delivering items to store is never an issue.


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